Core Alignment Bodywork

...moving toward ease and freedom

Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is a gentle, hands-on bodywork system, which focuses primarily on optimising the way in which the body's structure deals with the many different forces that move both through, and within it during day to day living and activity. Getting this crucial relationship between 'structure and energy' into balance is a fundamental basis for an experience of comfort, ease, efficiency, and performance.
In a Zero Balancing session, gentle engagements of deep body tissues are targeted toward strategic locations in the skeletal structure, and are then held in stillness for just a few seconds. During a single ZB session, this allows for multiple opportunities around which the the person can find an opportunity to 'let go' and to 're-organise' on a profound level. As well as helping to address issues of discomfort and restriction, those who receive Zero Balancing often report feeling deeply changed by the experience, and also talk of discovering a greater sense of resilience to life's demands and challenges over time."

What to Expect in a session

A ZB session begins with a brief discussion about your specfic goals and your general health. This gives an opportunity for the practitioner to ensure that there are no reasons why the person should not receive Zero Balancing. Typically a session lasts 30 to 45 minutes. The treatment is performed fully clothed with the client lying on their back on a massage table. The practitioner works to evaluate tension, especially that which may be held around the bones and joints of the body. They will then apply short and gentle lifts and stretches called 'fulcrums' which are held for a few seconds, in various locations of the client's body  - around the spine, ribs, hips, feet and neck. In the stillness of a Zero Balancing Fulcrum, tension held deep within the fabric of the body may begin to release.

During a ZB session, people generally experience a profound state of relaxation, akin to that attained during meditation. In this 'altered' state of consciousness, there is a possibility for a remarkable level of change and healing to occur.

When the session is over, the client is encouraged to walk for a minute or so, to integrate the changes into their body.

A Unique Form of Touch

Everything in a ZB session is designed to promote maximum relaxation, safety, and a sense of well-being. The process is distinguished by a form of touch known as Interface. Gentle and non invasive, it is enjoyable and pleasant for both the ZB practitioner to give and the client to recieve. Some people describe experiencing 'expanded awareness', others 'tension melting away'.



"The skeleton at our core - dynamic, yet supportive and stable, is the physical manifestation of our centre

It is a place to find rest, and a place where we can cultivate the self-confidence, stillness of mind and dynamism of energy and emotional expression that is our birthright."