Core Alignment Bodywork

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Core Zero Balancing Workshops

A basic level of proficiency in Zero Balancing is taught by way of two  four-day Core Workshops (Core ZBI and Core ZBII). The four days of each workshop may be split over two weekends to enable time for integration, and to help fit around other commitments. 

Core Zero  Balancing.  

Both workshops are the same format with those taking their second workshop working alongside beginners taking their first. In the Core workshops, the practical and theoretical foundations of Zero Balancing are presented with an emphasis on direct hands-on learning.

In the first four day workshop you will be introduced to the theory and skills of Zero Balancing. You will gain a practical level of understanding that will enable you to explore the use of ZB with family and friends. Although everyone has a different approach towards learning,  it is recomended that you do this for several months before taking your second workshop,

 During the second four-day workshop (ZBII) you will improve your skills and refine your touch. You will develop a deeper understanding of the of the principles of ZB and their embodiment in practice.

Although participants are generally therapists with an existing qualification in another modality, these workshops are an excellent opportunity for self-development and personal discovery, and for this reason are open to anyone, at the discretion of the teacher.


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Becoming a Certified Zero Balancer

To enter the Certification Programme, students need to have an existing health care qualification (or be working towards one) and appropriate professional membership. This includes other holistic therapies and movement systems such as pilates or yoga, physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, or non-bodywork disciplines such as counselling or homoeopathy.

The training towards becoming a certified Zero Balancer is extensive, but self-paced and includes 120 hours learning through workshops plus mentoring and

  • 100 Practice sessions (50 written up as case studies)
  • 2 essays
  • Session Swaps

A minimum of two basic 5 day workshops are required before an Advanced workshop with Dr Fritz Smith (who teaches in England once a year) and a skills workshop entitled Beyond the Protocol - Freely Moveable Joints.

Students of ZB will be required to join the UK Zero Balancing Association and periodically exchange sessions with a fellow Zero Balancer. Each certification student is assigned a member of the UK Teaching Group to be their mentor for the duration of the program. More details can be obtained from the UK Zero Balancing Association

Core workshops are open to non-therapists at the teacher's discretion.



"The skeleton at our core - dynamic, yet supportive and stable, is the physical manifestation of our centre

It is a place to find rest, and a place where we can cultivate the self-confidence, stillness of mind and dynamism of energy and emotional expression that is our birthright."