Core Alignment Bodywork

...moving toward ease and freedom

Aligned to Gravity

The Architect of the human body had gravity in mind. Although the skeleton has many functions, it's primary task is to act as a mobile support system. 

When your skeleton is well-aligned, the bones support the weight of your body. This ensures that your muscles hold very little excess tension. The muscles can then perform efficiently their task of initiating and sustaining movement. If your skeleton is poorly aligned and off-centre, the muscles become overly concerned with supporting weight, causing a build up of chronic muscular tension. This reduces ease, flexibility and range of movement, diminishing the grace and lightness of being that is your birthright.

The build-up of long term muscular tension may be causative in many body pain problems and repetitive injuries. This tension can also be the starting point for other, more deep-rooted health problems including those involving chronic fatigue.

The movement of the breath, of blood, nerve impulses, lymphatic fluid and the processes of digestion and waste disposal all rely on the optimal flow of fluids within the body. Long term muscular tension will act adversely on all of these systems.

Core Alignment - Living in Your Bones

The skeleton, although the deepest aspect of our physical structure, represents much more than a support for the body. When we consciously acknowledge the presence of our skeleton and live more "in our bones" we find a place of safety and confidence. A place where we can experience the ease that life may offer and a deep sense of connection to ourselves and our environment.

Stress - Living in Your Muscles

The alternative is a life within a body that cannot rest, or fully relax, where the emotions may be blocked, wayward or unpredictable, and the mind agitated.

Getting Well

The patterns of misalignment and subsequent compensatory muscle tension that is at the root of many body pain problems may take many years to develop, and for much of that time there may be no obvious symptoms. Because of this, one of the most important factors in successful treatment is time. Recovery from illness is always a process.

Staying Well

Core Alignment Bodywork is designed primarily to help people stay well. Life in a human body can be a very dynamic affair! We are continually subject to many different types of influence and stress of both a physical and an emotional nature. By cultivating a greater awareness of our postural and breathing habits, patterns of movement , and the levels of muscular tension within our body, we may drastically increase our level of wellness over time. Hopefully we can become increasingly free of recurrent body pain problems and restrictions that may have limited our potential in the past.

Living in the Core - Staying Centred

As our world, with all of its speed and turbulence becomes an ever more challenging place in which to live, the location of a strong yet dynamic centre within becomes a necessity. This applies to our mind and emotional response system, as well as to our physical body.






"The skeleton at our core - dynamic, yet supportive and stable, is the physical manifestation of our centre

It is a place to find rest, and a place where we can cultivate the self-confidence, stillness of mind and dynamism of energy and emotional expression that is our birthright."