Core Alignment Bodywork

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Core Alignment

Core Alignment is a gentle therapeutic bodywork system performed on a massage table with the client fully clothed. The body is evaluated for tension and patterns of misalignment by the practitioner. Improved skeletal alignment is encouraged by way of light manual inputs to the joints of the skeleton, and muscle relaxation facilitated via gentle pressures and stretches. It is common for simple movement exercises, as well as breathing and body awareness practices to be prescribed, in order to support the changes elicited by the treatment.

What causes misalignment?

Repetitive postural habits, activities that emphasise the overuse of one side of the body, accidents and trauma, may, over time create patterns of muscular imbalance which lead to 'misalignment' of the skeletal joints. This situation may be exacerbated to by an undercurrent of tension due to the stress of modern life. Although this type of sub-optimal alignment is not a cause of pain per se, it may lead to tissue strain, which might then create the conditions for pain, stiffness, or decreased mobility.

How Can Core Alignment Help?

Core Alignment has proven suitable for the majority of body pain problems which affect the back, neck, shoulders, pelvis and limbs. Headaches, dizziness, fatigue and sleep disturbance problems have also responded well to treatment. It has also been reported to make positive changes to posture, flexibility and coordination, and may help to reduce habitual negative responses to stressful influences in your life.

Core Alignment can also be employed to help improve sports and artistic performance in any field of athletic endevour. In the elderly person it can play  a significant part in the prevention of falls.

How Many Treatment Sessions?

For most straightforward issues between three and eight sessions. The time between sessions will be extended as your system begins to "run under its own steam". It will usually be quite clear to you after the first session if the treatment is creating the desired effect. At your follow-up session we will discuss an apprpriate treatment strategy. Once a problem has been resolved, many people return for yearly, or six montlhly 'MOT' sessions - an excellent way of maintaining a good relationship with your own body.



"The skeleton at our core - dynamic, yet supportive and stable, is the physical manifestation of our centre

It is a place to find rest, and a place where we can cultivate the self-confidence, stillness of mind and dynamism of energy and emotional expression that is our birthright."